Spring Blossoms,Believe in the Future

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Summary:Guilin is a desirable tourist destination.Recently, the “Xinshede” Entrepreneurs Eco-environment Joint Conference kicked off in Guilin Youxian Jux...

Guilin is a desirable tourist destination.Recently, the “Xinshede” Entrepreneurs Eco-environment Joint Conference kicked off in Guilin Youxian Juxian Park, gathering energy, accumulating a lot, and the groups interpreting new eras, new opportunities, and new requirements. Guideline for the new background of the new urbanization model, build an industrial ecosystem and create an entrepreneurial ecological alliance.


Meet the future, refine creativity


Knowledge is changing, society is changing, and how do you live in an uncertain society? The core figure of the circle, Beijing Municipal People's Congress representative and Chairman of the Sponge City Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Yang Zhongchun shared with the participants the New Thinking on Industrial Development in the New Era.

Mr. Yang shared the following main contents: economic and sharing models; disruptive innovation and disruptive innovation companies; the importance of ecological and ecological models; the core competitiveness of innovative companies and single-point blasting.


Meet the future and specialize in new technologies


The future of revitalizing the country. Guangxi has fertile land, abundant species and beautiful scenery. It is the most beautiful and idyllic space for ecological civilization.

Mr. Huang Shuxi of Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Fourth Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a member of a state-owned enterprise. He is concerned with Guangxi's agriculture, agriculture, and rural issues and invites local agriculture-related entrepreneurs to interact with each other. Leading Guangxi Honghua Agricultural Li always shared the "EMU model" of the aquaculture industry to promote accurate poverty alleviation and his artifact "Astaxanthin egg"; "Sichuan grass sister" brought Ganoderma lucidum spore powder and opened up an "organic" new world; The "longevity fruit" from the Miao nationality, Bruffana and a series of derivative products; visited the homology of medicine and food, South China Wild Vegetable, and Shencao base.

These agribusiness-related companies all have their own core competencies. They are all worthy of the projects that can increase their value through incubation, and they are all in the areas of health, development, and investable projects. However, these enterprises also need to make overall improvements in model breakthroughs, factor upgrades, resource integration, financial innovation, and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. Huang Zong started a circle of entrepreneurs from across the country to Guangxi to work together to promote the country’s rural development. Facing the future, we are striving endlessly.


Struggling is hard every day, but it's getting easier to do it year after year. This is the portrayal and consensus of the entrepreneurs in the "New" willingness circle. Entrepreneurs all talked about the status quo and development of their respective companies, and everyone began to look for changes and explorations in terms of corporate values and models. We know more about us. Our hearts and minds are closer together. We call each other and empower each other. Meet the future, specialize in new and special.


Spring has brewing power, and flowers are natural. In this era, we must run at full strength to ensure we stay in place. The world is so new that everything has not yet been named. Bring it to the sea with a warm spring mood, and run with all your strength! We believe in the future.