Synchronized With the World

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Summary:On May 13, Sponge City Investment Share Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sponge City Shares") ushered in more than 20 eco-friendly friends f...

Synchronized With the World's High-tech, Focusing on Providing Ecological, Environmental Protection Comprehensive Solutions


On May 13, Sponge City Investment Share Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sponge City Shares") ushered in more than 20 eco-friendly friends from abroad and held an international energy and environmental salon.On May 14th, I and all international and domestic industry partners went to Tianjin Wuqing “Beijing-Tianjin Science and Technology Valley Industrial Park” to meet with the leaders and colleagues of Wuqing District to exchange the space and platform under the background of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration., capital and technology ecological civilization construction cooperation.


For this event, we would like to thank Dr. Feng An of the U.S.-China Cleantech Center.He is a superstar in the eco-environmental public welfare platform that I met while communicating with Harvard University.I invited him to visit the "Sponge City Co.,Ltd" to investigate. He not only made a personal appointment, but also invited us all international friends, with their advanced high technology and international capital strength, and we discussed in depth the win-win cooperation method.


The objective demands of the market&era


Under the background of the rapid development of China's ecological civilization, these international friends are delighted with the increasingly attractive investment environment in China, and are surprised to find that China has a huge market in the field of ecological and environmental protection. China's forthcoming advantages in the field of economy and investment have given them a great deal of confidence.


The two important measures such as "greatly easing market access and creating a more attractive investment environment" have made international friends willing to share their capital and technology with us, and have a very strong intention to land with us in Wuqing, Tianjin, "Beijing-Tianjin Science and Technology Valley Industrial Park".


These international friends are very optimistic about the scale of China's ecological and environmental protection market, and admire China's attention to the ecological environment and the efficiency of its development. In the data comparison of the top two economies in the world, there are 246 cities over 500 thousand of China's population, and 156 of the cities with more than 1 million people; and the corresponding cities in the United States are only respectively 34 and 10.


On the environmental protection industry, the US data of 2015 shows that the scale of its environmental protection industry is 235 billion 700 million US dollars, about 15000 billion yuan, and the scale of China's environmental protection market in 2016 is 50000 billion yuan. By 2020, the scale of China's environmental protection industry will be close to 10 trillion yuan.


They are convinced that the construction of China's ecological civilization needs new capital and technology, the development of China's urbanization, ecological environmental protection is the most important environmental basis for China. China needs more international forces to build better cities, create more comfortable space, and carry out more scientific operation and maintenance. And I firmly believe that these are inseparable from the participation of the multinational multi environmental protection enterprises.


Spongy innovation of subversive innovation


Sponge City Investment Share Co.,Ltd is a subversive and innovative company. We have woven a new value network around the construction of ecological civilization. In the ecological environmental protection project, we have realized the service of industrial chain type. Now, we have the high quality project implementation elements of planning and design, high-tech R & D, construction, operation and other ecological civilization construction. With the cooperation model of many enterprise combination evolution, we will provide a comprehensive solution to the supply side reform, and provide high quality ecological and environmental protection solutions.


The share of the sponge city is my third venture, and all of our shareholders and I want the company to mix together like a sponge, combine the original capital, resources, technology and market, and the team of qualifications and talents, and use the model of the sharing and combination of evolution to realize the breakthrough of resonance in order to meet the upgrading of modern industry. The transformation demand, the new and old kinetic energy transformation demand and the mode innovation demand.


Expectations after this event


We hope that more and more eco-friendly high-tech enterprises at home and abroad will cooperate with us, and we also welcome the new integration of capitals with us.

We hope that people of insight can contact me at any time to jointly safeguard our beautiful environment and build our great motherland together!